These General Terms and Conditions of Sale (GSC) and the Personal Data Privacy Policy, as well as the Terms of Use, rule the offer and sale of products bearing the KB Créole CLAMY BOCCARD and

KBMYFREEBAG brand which are managed by the Company: CLAMY BOCCARD CREATIONS SARL, with registered office at 60, Rue des Lattes 1217 Meyrin Geneva / Switzerland and registered in the Swiss Commercial Register under the VAT number: CHE-216.505.330

The publication medium of CLAMY BOCCARD CREATIONS SARL is the Official Swiss Commercial Gazette – SOGC (Feuille Officielle Suisse du Commerce – FOSC).


  1. 24-month GUARANTEE

1.1 CLAMY BOCCARD CREATIONS SARL, guarantees to consumers that the products sold on this website are in conformity with the specifications and free from material faults and manufacturing defects.

1.2 Returned products must be forwarded to us unused in their original condition and packaging. You will find the guarantee conditions on the descriptive labels on the products.

Once the case is registered, our service will contact you by e-mail.

1.3 Photograph the defective product in a manner which will enable us to properly identify the object of the claim,

1.4 Report the problem to our customer service within 2 business days using the contact form.

The item must be returned to us within 15 days at the latest following receipt.

Any claim raised beyond this period will be rejected. If the conditions are met, we will refund the full amount of the item.

1.5 The return shipping costs are to the customer¬īs account.

1.6 This warranty applies in the event of quality problems. It does not cover damage caused by a third party or related to inappropriate use of the product.

We recommend that you check the condition of your luggage upon arrival. If you notice any damage, contact your travel agent immediately or your airline at your destination.

In the event of a complaint, send us your guarantee certificate; without it, you will not be able to claim the guarantee.



2.1 When entering, processing and using data, CLAMY BOCCARD Cr√©ations undertakes to observe the privacy and to comply with the provisions of the Swiss Data Protection Act, pursuant to the legal norms in force. Your data is collected during the performance of the order and is used exclusively within the framework of the services (order fulfilment). “Logistics” services are required to handle the information in a confidential manner and to apply it exclusively to the purpose for which it was provided. The applicant agrees to the use of his data in this form.



3.1 Our products are available for sale at any time of the day and night on our website: https://www.kbmyfreebag.com. In one click you can order swiftly and easily. You only need to click on the “SHOP” button and pay in a totally secure manner.

The shopping cart allows you to virtually select your items; You can consult it, modify it or complete it as you wish during your visit to our site. The contents of the basket will be assigned to you as soon as you have validated it, as well as the delivery address, subject to the availability of the articles. The confirmation and acceptance of the order will be informed to you by e-mail, as soon as the full payment has been performed.

3.2 In the event you do not receive your order confirmation, please contact us via the e-mail address indicated on the site.

Clamy Boccard Créations Sarl, reserves the right to cancel any order from a customer involved in a dispute over the payment of a previous order.

3.3 By confirming an order, you declare to abide by the General Terms and Conditions of Clamy Boccard Creations Sarl. A registration form is presented to you prior to placing your order. By clicking on the CONFIRM button, you transmit a firm order for the items in the cart. The confirmation of receipt of the order is transmitted immediately following the submittal of the purchase.

CLAMY BOCCARD Créations reserves the right to present special offers, featuring promotions (including prices) for a specific period and/or a limited quantity of items.



4.1 The logistics company contracted by Clamy Boccard Créations Sarl dispatches and delivers your order directly to the indicated address. When the products are available in stock, they are delivered within 2 days in Switzerland. Our deliveries are express and shipped on receipt of your order. We strive to meet deadlines, however, it can occur that delivery times may vary, depending on the destination and especially on account of the circumstances of transport and production.

4.2 The “free” shipping charges include packing, handling and postage. The shipping costs do not include customs clearance fees or any taxes at the time of delivery. Additionally, we advise you to consolidate your purchases into one single order. We cannot group two separate orders and you are liable for the shipping costs for each one. We strive to minimise the delivery time. In the event of delayed delivery, you will be informed by e-mail as soon as possible.

At the time of delivery, the customer agrees to check the integrity of his package before signing the delivery slip.

In the event of any anomaly detected by the customer on delivery of his order by the carrier, he must refuse delivery. He shall precisely note the discrepancies on the delivery note, which he will then hand over to the carrier. The description of the discrepancies must be handwritten, dated, detailed and signed on the delivery note. For example, the words “damaged article” are not adequately explicit. The customer must provide a description of the damage.


If the contents of your package do not correspond to your order, do not meet your expectations, or, if the products are damaged, you must inform us of these discrepancies or of your intention to return the package within 15 days of receipt of the package. All returned goods must be sent to the following address:


CLAMY BOCCARD Créations Sarl

60, Rue des Lattes “villa”






You have the option to cancel any order, free of charge and without stating any reason, provided that it has not already been dispatched. For this purpose, you must contact us by e-mail at: info@kbmyfreebag.com to request a cancellation of the order. If we can respond to your request, we will send you a confirmation e-mail and you will be fully refunded.



Provided the merchandise is in its original packaging and has not been used, you have a period of 15 calendar days following receipt to return your order at your expense. All returns against refund will be refused. Once the goods are received in their original packaging by CLAMY BOCCIA Creations, you will be fully refunded, except for the cost of shipping and return of the package.

The means of return will be according to the client¬īs instructions, convenience and to his account. We will perform a quality control of the item upon receipt. It must bear no trace of use, be returned in its original packaging and be accompanied by its accessories and eventual documentation. CLAMY BOCCARD Cr√©ations will refund the sums collected for returned items only after verifying that these conditions are satisfied, with the exception of all shipping costs, which are to the customer¬īs account. Throughout the procedure, the customer will be informed by e-mail of the receipt of his intention of withdrawal, the return of his package and the date of refund.


Any return or claim addressed beyond a period of 15 days following the date of receipt of your package will not be accepted by CLAMY BOCCARD Créations. The customer will be liable for the cost of returning the returned products, except in the following 2 cases:

¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† ‚Āɬ†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† The products received do not correspond to his order,

¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† ‚Āɬ†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† The products received present faults.

To inform us accordingly, the customer shall send an e-mail to: info@kbmyfreebag.com, informing the order number, the respective item, as well as provide his reasons for the complaint. CLAMY BOCCARD Création will then confirm its acceptance or refusal by mail or telephone, as swiftly as possible.

Except in the case of concealed faults, no additional claim and/or complaint will be accepted by CLAMY BOCCARD Créations after receipt of the items by the customer, in the event the latter failed to comply with the above-mentioned procedure.


4.5 Although we have taken all reasonable measures to ensure that the information contained on this site is accurate as of the date of publication, and except in the case of gross negligence and fraud, CLAMY BOCCARD CREATIONS SARL will not be liable under any circumstances towards the buyer for loss of profits or any damages of any nature whatsoever resulting from or related to these GTCS and/or in connection with third party claims against the buyer of the product.



5.1 The ownership of a product is effectively transferred to you only after the full payment of the selling price has been performed. By approving these terms and conditions of sale, you accept the terms of ownership.



Items offered for sale on the site will be described in an individual product sheet informing at least the basic characteristics of the commercialised item.

At any time, CLAMY BOCCARD Créations reserves the right to alter the characteristics of the items offered for sale: Price, colours, size, related accessories, etc. CLAMY BOCCARD Créations may also modify, at any time, the inclusion of an article in its catalogue of products available for purchase. In any case, the availability and delivery of your item to the conditions described below is only guaranteed subject to the receipt of the confirmation of your purchase by the services of CLAMY BOCCARD Creations.

CLAMY BOCCARD Créations reserves the right to present special offers, featuring promotions (including prices) for a specific period and/or a limited quantity of items.

In the event an article happens to be unavailable after order placement, the customer will be informed by e-mail or telephone of the delivery of a partial order and the customer will have the opportunity to withdraw from the entire remaining order pending delivery.

In any case, the customer will be refunded the amounts debited when ordering within a maximum period of 30 days.



All items offered on the KB MyFreeBag.com e-commerce site are exclusively for ordering via the internet. Any order placed in any form other than via the website will not be honoured, except with the express prior written agreement on behalf of CLAMY BOCCARD Créations.

For this purpose, it the user is recommended to make the necessary arrangements to ensure that the order confirmation e-mail sent by CLAMY BOCCARD Creations is not blocked by a mail-filtering device. CLAMY BOCCARD Creations cannot be held responsible in the event this e-mail is deleted by an “anti-SPAM” device.


SWISSBILLING SA is a service provider, that allows you to receive your order with an invoice in a simple and secure way. The Invoice will be sent from SWISSBILLING separately from your order, per email or regular mail, depending on your choice. SWISSBILLING services are based on a fix fee and your maximum order for the first purchase is CHF 450.00. The invoice is payable within 30 days. For security matters, shipping address and billing address must be identical. SWISSBILLING keeps the right to have a credit check control done through¬†it‚Äôs¬†partner CRIF AG in Zurich (Tel.: 0848 333 222, www.crif.ch). More informations about Swissbilling’s general conditions :¬†https://www.swissbilling.ch/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/SWB_CGV.pdf



All sales prices are displayed on the website and are indicated in CH Swiss Francs. The prices for sales within Switzerland include VAT, “8% VAT included”. Delivery excluding VAT is available for all other countries.

6.1 For orders delivered outside of Switzerland, delivery is included and the taxes are to the recipient¬īs account, “FREIGHT COLLECT”. Details of fees and charges are exhibited on the e-shop website.



6.1 Due to circumstances related to production, logistics or any other reason, the price of a same item may vary from one operation to another. The prices of the articles displayed on our website are subject to alterations at any time. We reserve the right to alter the price without prior notice. Pursuant to the below paragraph, the prices displayed at the time of purchase are the prices applicable to the respective purchase.

Please note that, although our website is carefully elaborated, errors related to the prices may occur, regardless of our will and intentions. We are in no way bound by our offer and we reserve the right to cancel your purchase in the event of such an error.



7.1 Prior to concluding the order process, you have the option of selecting your payment method. Orders are payable immediately, by any means provided on the website. Please do not attempt to pay via any method of payment other than those provided at the time of payment. If you apply a different form of payment, we shall not be liable for the loss of payment and any other damage that may result from this act.

In the event the method of payment selected by the customer is unsuccessful, and despite the terms of these General Terms and Conditions of Sale and in particular, due to an insufficient bank account balance or incorrect banking data, the customer shall be liable for all costs incurred due to the intervention of a third party to solve the payment procedure.

The price to be paid is that indicated on the site at the time of the validation of the shopping basket and which corresponds to the total amount of the price of the selected articles and the amount of the expenses, as well as the other options eventually available (services, guarantees, etc.), taking into account possible discounts (coupons, contests etc.).


7.2 To validate the order, the customer connects to his customer account (in the event the customer created a customer account beforehand, indicating his name, his address and the respective

information required for order shipment). He then validates the delivery address, eventual fees and the total price. He finally selects his on-line payment method (credit card number, expiry date, cryptogram, etc.). He then validates his order by clicking on the button “validate my order”.

The sale is then concluded subject to the availability of the item and subsequently, a receipt confirmation is sent by CLAMY BOCCARD Créations to the e-mail address informed by the customer at the time of the purchase.

In the case of a so-called “non-immediate” payment, the availability of the item will only be taken into account on receipt of the payment (transfer received by CLAMY BOCCARD Cr√©ations). The e-mail you received during the placement of your order represents a proof of registration of your order, however, it is not a confirmation of availability of your item. Following receipt of the payment, we will ship your ordered goods.

As the site does not take into account “non-immediate” payments such as checks, we recommend that you contact our Customer Service directly.



CLAMY BOCCARD Cr√©ations retains ownership of the goods sold until delivery of the goods to the customer or to the consignee designated by the customer. Failure to pay for any of the items may result in the reclaiming of the goods. These reclaimings do not exclude the transfer to the customer¬īs responsibility, upon delivery, of the risk of loss and damage to the purchased goods, as well as the damage they may cause.



The prices are quoted in CHF Swiss Francs. If your payment currency differs from the currency in which the prices are stated, your bank will apply the valid exchange rate on the date of purchase. Your bank may apply a different exchange rate from the rate indicated on the currency converter we provide. Under no circumstances can CLAMY BOCCARD Creations be held responsible for the exchange rate applied to your transaction.

The company CLAMY BOCCARD Créations does not retain banking information.


CLAMY BOCCARD Cr√©ations undertakes to apply its user¬īs confidential information only to the extent necessary within the framework of the operation of its website. On the first request of tcustomer wishing to no longer be included in CLAMY BOCCARD Creations¬ī database, we undertake to delete all details and information related to the respective member and confirm this by e-mail.

No information may be exposed to third parties without the express consent of the member when registering. Each user has a right to access, modify, rectify or delete data related to his person.


CLAMY BOCCARD Cr√©ations cannot be held responsible for any data entry errors giving rise to delivery errors or other problems. If necessary, the costs involved in the return and storage of items shall be to the customer¬īs account.

The customer is required to check the integrity and the authenticity of the information he provides during the order and in particular, the delivery address. The customer is liable for the information he provided during registration and the order placement.


The CLAMY BOCCARD brand, the KB logo, as well as all figurative marks and, in more general terms, all other labels, illustrations, images and logos appearing on the items of the brand, their accessories or their packaging, whether registered or not, are and will remain the exclusive property of CLAMY BOCCARD Créations. Any total or partial reproduction, modification or use of images and logotypes, for whatever reason and via any media, without the express written consent of the CLAMY BOCCARD Creations company, is strictly prohibited.

The same applies to any combination or conjunction with any other brand, symbol, logotype and more generally, any distinctive sign intended to form a composite logo. The same will apply to any copyright, design and model, which are the property of CLAMY BOCCARD Créations.

CLAMY BOCCARD Créations Sarl

Website: https://www.kbmyfreebag.com.

COMPETENT COURT: Swiss law is exclusively applicable. The court of jurisdiction is in Geneva, Switzerland.

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