Luggage Pack

740.00 CHF TVA include

2-in-1 luggage ideal for travel.

Description: Unisex product
This set consists of a large suitcase on 4 wheels and a sports bag.  In addition tennis players can integrate the tennis bag for 12 rackets (see our products / Gwada-Geneva).

The advantages of the product:

The benefits of the EXPERT product:
√ Mobile and comfortable
√ Easy travel
√ Optimize efforts and preserve your energy
√ Can be worn individually

 Quantity of luggage pack for the trip :



How did we conceive the Seniors set?

The all-in-one seniors tennis set on 4 wheels was designed for the comfort of your back and your joints during your multiple relocations. It comprises:

  • A waterproof (indoor and outdoor) and lightweight tennis bag featuring:
  • 1 large pocket accommodating 12 “adult” rackets
  • 1 second side pocket with a zip fastener for easy access to documents
  • 2 fasteners for attaching items to the suitcase
  • Volume:7 litres; Weight: 1,08 kg; Dimensions: 33 cm x 31.4 cm x 75.5 cm

A luxurious suitcase, very robust, equipped with:

  • 4 wheels of 360-degree swivel (mobility & comfort)
  • 1 telescopic handle with adjustable height to protect your back
  • removable compartments to separate the dirty laundry from the clean (also including holding straps to secure the laundry)
  • 2 storage kits
  • Interior fitting with an elegant satin lining, equipped with an adequately-spaced compartment and the option of separating the clean clothing from the soiled, 2 toilet/make-up pouches, holding straps to secure clothing, 2 net compartments to store personal belongings.
  • Impact-resistant outer shell thanks to its solidly padded profile, side storage pocket (for passport, magazines, etc.), elegant label holder, strap with hook to attach the tennis bag, 4 studs to protect the bag on the floor, a robust zip fastener with a comfortable hook.
  • Volume: 75 litres; Weight: 2 kg; Dimensions: 44 cm x 26 cm x 80 cm

A sports bag:

to complete the set and store the player’s personal belongings, such as his shoes and accessories.

  • Volume: 30 litres; Weight: 0.92 kg; Dimensions: 25 cm x 50 cm x 30 cm


Overall weight: 7 kg

To keep the challenge on the court and not on your trips.