For 2 rackets

239.90 CHF TVA include

This 3-in-1 luggage is ideal for budding champions who visit camps, tournaments sport and tennis training or who travel with their parents. Lightweight and very resistant.

This product consists of a suitcase on 4 wheels, a backpack which can receive various accessories and a pouch for storing a tablet and/or important documents. Made of 100% recycled and recyclable PET.

Period of guarantee: 2 year warranty (30 year lifetime warranty)

The benefits of the set multifunction product:

All in one.

Ideal for various activities (sport, school, travel, holidays, business, leisure)

√ Protects the back

√ Supports relocations
√ Prevents stiffness
√ Reduces stress
√ Each bag can be carried individually




How was the multifunction set for children and adults designed? 

The multifunction set for children and adults consists of 3 detachable units, providing optimal comfort for your child´s relocations. It is the perfect solution for their trips. This set includes:


A waterproof backpack (inside and outside) consisting of:

  • 1 large pocket which can accommodate 2 children´s rackets
  • 1 second pouch for assorted accessories
  • 1 side pocket to conveniently accommodate/retrieve documents
  • 2 comfortable adjustable straps
  • Volume: 13 litres; Weight: 0.46 kg; Dimensions: 28 cm x 43 cm x 13 cm


A cabin-size suitcase, very lightweight and robust, equipped with:

  • 4 wheels of 360-degree swivel (mobility & comfort)
  • Telescopic handle with adjustable height
  • Handles on the top and the laterals of the suitcase
  • 1 hook which enables all of the child´s equipment to be attached to the suitcase
  • Volume: 5 litres; Weight: 2,65 kg; Dimensions: 28 cm x 20 cm x 40 cm


A pouch:
Convenient for accommodating a tablet or documents (facilitates the retrieval of important objects).
It can be worn across the shoulder or around the neck.

  • Volume: 4 litres; Weight: 0,16 grams


Overall weight: 3.27 kg

KB MyFreeBag®: tennis equipment specifically designed to protect the physical integrity of growing children.