PET, our added value

KB MyFreeBag is less waste and more fun!

A large number of plastic bottles are found in the Pacific Ocean, their recycling is a good way to reduce the impact.

In 2009, when the KBMyFreeBag project was implemented, Switzerland was the world champion in the recycling of this saturated polyester plastic (80% of the bottles sold returned to the recycling chain). This material belongs to the same family as the polyester used in textile manufacturing, which has favoured a “Win-Win” strategy for our brand with the double benefit of:

  • Giving these collected materials a second life
  • Innovative manufacturing processes in the luggage sector

Its solidity, combined with a high degree of flexibility makes it a truly expanding material in sectors such as construction, medicine and, more recently, space innovation. KBMyFreeBag enables its users to be eco-responsible buyers who combine environmental preservation with the sustainability of their purchases. Originating from recycling, our luggage is also recyclable, forming a chain which´ links form part of the objectives of sustainable development.

  • Switzerland has excellent tennis ambassadors and enjoys international recognition due to its quality of innovation. It goes without saying that I had to agree with myself and my values. Associating environmental aspects with sport, especially tennis, is obvious to me and it is based on a concept of preservation, transmission and sharing.

KBMyFreeBag is an all-in-one solution that takes into account the human element. It is a responsible and environmental investment, as well as a sustainable commitment.

This collection is the product of observation, inspiration and experience, which led the designer to embrace new challenges.

Concerned about the environment, Marie-Josée launched her “ecological PET” textile collection to reduce the ecological impact of innovation by highlighting the importance of associating ethical, moral and responsible behaviour with her brand.

I am convinced that everyone must invest in the environment … the actions of a single individual can have enormous repercussions. Improving our world is based on an individual commitment, it’s a personal decision. I do my part by incorporating PET in my creations to improve ecological sustainability. Everyone can contribute to a better world by starting with small everyday gestures; that’s why I intend to raise awareness among the players of their physics and their environment, by way of the KBMYFreeBag, it’s really worth it … it’s the essence of a true sportsman.


A perfect combination of leisure, mobility, flexibility and durability.

You will love the comfort KBMYFREEBAG provides you with; and participating in tournaments has never been so cool!

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