An eco-responsible generation

The principle of eco-responsibility is part of a global approach, taking into account the aspects of sustainable development within the economic activity.

By sharing the values of sustainable development, which encompass the environmental and social aspects (progressively defined by the various COPs, including that of 2015 in Paris), a project or an eco-responsible company aims to preserve and enhance the environment, however, also to contribute to the improvement of working conditions and economic development.

Living on credit, humanity, and more precisely, our consumer society, exploit resources from the planet which accommodates and supplies us beyond its capacity. Companies which incorporate this guideline are not only actors of change, but also the future leaders of the economy. This transition, additionally to being desirable, is essential to our survival.

An entrepreneur like Marie-Josée, concerned about the future of the new generations, could not launch a new concept while closing her eyes to these paramount parameters. A woman of heart but also of reason, she has assimilated and embraces the speech of Bertrand Piccard who has been insisting for years that an ecological action is meaningful and future-oriented, as it is fundamentally logical. Creating a product from recycling while being recyclable oneself afterwards, is the culmination of such an orientation.

A sustainable commitment: To ensure your well-being and that of the planet in the long run!


KBMyFreeBag® luggage fulfils the requirements of tennis players of all ages and of all categories: whether professional or enthusiasts, they will appreciate KBMyFreeBag®´s quality.

Lightweight, ergonomic and practical, the MyFreeBag® KB bags are also made from recycled and recyclable materials.

As it is important for us to offer you high-end products, we make sure we honour all the links in the chain. Our luggage is designed to educate its purchasers on the principles of sustainable development. We work in compliance with ISO 14 001 (Environmental Responsibility Standard), ISO 9 001 (Quality Assurance Standard), SA 8000 (Respect for the Fundamental Rights of Workers), to ensure manufacturing which is faithful to our social and environmental values.


0% pain!

100% eco-responsible!

100% energy saved for your competitions!

Free to travel

Your relocations are facilitated, your various pieces of luggage are assembled in a jiffy.

KBMyFreeBag® adapts to all sizes and allows you to travel light!

Free to play

Wherever you go, your comfort is our priority and your satisfaction is our trophy.

KBMyFreeBag® is functional, ergonomic and allows you to play freely and carefree!

Free to recycle

Your environment is literally at the centre of our concept. Your confidence in our products is one step closer to sustainable development.

KBMyFreeBag® is ecological, reflects our ethical values and enables you to be a committed actor!

The Eco-responsible generation

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