Discover our collection of eco-friendly tennis luggage that will protect your back and vertebral column, based on an in-depth study on travel ergonomics. Waterproof, KBMyFreeBag® is the new luggage essential for your sports, personal and professional travels.

Discover our bags and suitcases and enter a world of lightness!

Our luggage collection will help you avoid back tensioning and pain in the vertebral column thanks to its ergonomic shape. Guaranteed to be completely waterproof, your new travel companions, the KBMyFreeBag® tennis bags, will help to get you through winds, tides and storms, as well as personal challenges and sports competitions.

Treat yourself to the luxury of travelling light with the KBMyFreeBag® tennis equipment.


Why select KBMyFreeBag® bags and cases for travel?

It is much more practical and easier when everything is stored in a modular package!


During the design process of her sports equipment, Marie-Josée performed a meticulous analysis of their ergonomics, to protect tennis players who are often on the move. Thus, the result was a sustainable luggage collection: sustainable durability in ecological terms, however, also in physical terms. Tennis fans will be able to sustainably preserve their health.

Luggage with a “luxury”, multifunctional and ergonomic finishing. It protects your health and your environment by offering you multiple benefits:

  • It facilitates travel and relocations,
  • Optimises physical efforts,
  • Preserves your energy for your matches,
  • Prevents injuries and cramps,
  • Protects your back and your joints,
  • Prevents aches and pains
  • Preserves the vertebral column of young players in development,
  • Protects the future generations,
  • Durable design.

The KBMyFreeBag® suitcases offer major benefits:

  • Smart system: your luggage is assembled in the form of a modular and multi-functional pack
  • Sophisticated design: high-end finishing complements the ergonomics of your equipment
  • Sustainable manufacturing: by preserving your physical fitness, you also preserve the environment.

0% pain!
100% eco-friendly!
100% energy saved for your competitions!

You will appreciate the convenience that comes with the KBMyFreeBag®


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