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A long-term commitment to your well-being and to that of your environment

The lives of young tennis players revolve around camps, training and tournaments. On each relocation or trip, the issues are the same: the bag, tennis bag and backpack, the equipment is bulky, and its weight is crushing! This is a problem of which the designer, Marie-Jo K. Clamy Boccard, is very well aware. She is coach, certified GPTCA, and mother of two girls who have always been passionate about tennis.

Aware that such an effort is detrimental to the vertebral column and joints and can cause both physiological and psychological damage, she began to work on a solution.

Her motivation: to enable the players to maintain and improve their health and preserve all their energy for the matches. That’s how the concept developed!

If Marie-Josee’s daughters were the impetus of the project, other players then became a beautiful source of inspiration. KB MyFreeBag® is the result of a long development process during which no detail was left to chance.

Marie-Jo K. Clamy Boccard was awarded the Gold Medal for her 3-in-1 equipment at the Geneva International Inventions Fair. She was also awarded the Entrepreneur of the Year Award (Prix de l’Esprit d’Entreprise) by the Corporate Leadership Circle

0% pain!
100% eco-friendly!

100% energy saved for your competitions!

You will appreciate the convenience that comes with the KBMyFreeBag®


Free to travel

KBMyFreeBag® supports your mobility with equipment that adapts to each of your challenges. All-in-one and flexible tennis luggage that assembles and detaches quickly and adapts to the needs of your travels.

The design of our creations results from a thorough study of the specific needs of tennis players. After all, we dedicate a lot of attention to each detail and to the overall finishing of the collection.

Free to play

Your equipment accompanies you on all your trips (camps, tournaments, training) and must support you during the daily challenges of a tennis player. Numerous tests and trials enabled us to ensure a quality finishing (compliance with ISO 90001 standards).

The manufacturing materials were subject to diligent research. Apart from their stylish design, the KB MyFreeBag® Tennis Bag Sets present outstanding features. They are both light and compact. The result: a waterproof and resistant range for carefree travel and play. KBMyFreeBag® is the ideal partner for your challenges and your tennis bag will never let you down!

Free to recycle

The KB MyFreeBag® tennis equipment is designed in compliance with ecological standards (compliance with ISO 14 001 standards) and the SA 8000 social standards.

Manufactured from recycled PET, the materials which compose the MyFreeBag® KB range are environmentally friendly. The concern for our environment is a commitment which the creator of the KB Creole Clamy Boccard® brand, a Pet Recycling Schweiz subscriber for the last ten years, takes very seriously.

The same care was dedicated to the manufacturing process. A social commitment to fair and equitable working conditions (compliance with SA 8000 standards).

The objective: to promote sustainable development and limit the environmental impact of playing tennis.

La génération éco-responsable!


KB MyFreeBag® is above all a family story.

The designer wished to create equipment reflecting the values which guide her day-to-day.

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