KB MyFreeBag®, Gold Medal at the International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva!

KB MyFreeBag® is a revolutionary 3-in-1 tennis luggage that makes tennis travel easier and environmentally friendly. This is the concept designed by Marie-Jo. Clamy Boccard who was awarded the gold medal at the International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva.

KB MyFreeBag® enabled its creator to win the “Business Spirit Award” presented by the Cercle des Dirigeante d’Entreprises (Circle of Leaders of Corporations) in Geneva, for all-in-one tennis equipment, allowing players to travel free of pains and obstructions. The sports collection consists of 100% recycled and recyclable pet and is eco-friendly.


A project shaped by experience

Tennis coach and mother of two young players, the designer Marie-Jo. Is very familiar with the issues related to the players´ travels. She developed KB MyFreeBag® inspired by her own personal experience. A racket case, a sports bag and a suitcase form an easily transportable bag, ergonomic and easy on the vertebral column.


A product range reflecting her dedication

The development of KB MyFreeBag® products is based on two aspects: the preserving of the players’ physical condition and the reduction of the environmental impact of playing tennis. For this purpose, precise analysis, sampling series and tests were performed at each step of the project. The range is sustainable, taking into account both the well-being of the tennis players, as well as that of the personnel contributing to its implementation while preserving our environment.

In summary, a committed designer whose motivation and professionalism are renown and awarded.

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