The career of a winner

Marie-Josée Clamy-Boccard, native of the island of Guadeloupe, has lived in the Canton of Geneva, Switzerland, for almost 30 years. Entrepreneur and founder of the event agency Alizé Production, Marie-Josée also dedicates herself to the design and marketing of clothing for adults and children.

Sports enthusiast since her young age, she enjoys many sports such as golf, walking, swimming, yoga and has also taken interest in tennis. She has become a GPTCA certified ATP coach and has been providing players with good advice since 2013.

Her two daughters, immersed in the world of tennis since their childhood, have also developed a great passion for this sport. Therefore, and as Marie-Josée is a woman committed to people around her and is a sensitive coach, she became interested in an aspect of this sport that, in her opinion, has not been very much exploited.

Considering the psychological and physical impact to players of carrying equipment, Marie-Josée decided to focus on a problem that causes long-term damage, especially to the vertebral column and the joints.

In her opinion, this heavy load is indeed inconvenient: the players, regularly on the move to take part in tournaments, training sessions, or even in tennis camps, are obliged to carry with them suitcases, tennis bags or particularly heavy backpacks.

After visiting various tennis courts across Europe (in Switzerland, the Roland Garros in France and the famous Wimbledon tournament in England), she decided to create her own luggage brand.

The result of a long process of strategic thinking, the KBMyFreeBag® luggage was born out of the concerns of a committed “Mumpreneur”, in order to meet the expectations of players paying the cost of overweight sports equipment. Thanks to the ingeniousness of her luggage concept and the many years dedicated to the development of her sports bags, Marie-JosĂ©e was awarded the Gold Medal by the International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva in 2009.

During that same year, her resilient and competitive spirit led her to achieve the Entrepreneur of the Year Award by the Business Leadership Circle of the Canton of Geneva. After years of research and development, her first collection was presented in 2017.

The colours chosen by the founder of the brand for her range of products also reflect the career of this determined woman: bright and shimmering, as a tribute to her Caribbean origins. The Madras illuminates her sports bags with the lustre of the achieved awards. The creator of the KBMyFreeBag® collection is always prepared for new challenges and intends to pursue the venture by regularly presenting innovations. For further information on the next collection, let´s meet in 2018!

The results of a diligent analysis

The history of the KBMyFreeBag® luggage brand is first and foremost a family affair.

While the designer’s daughters began to regularly play tennis and the trips to competitions became more frequent, Marie-JosĂ©e felt more and more compelled to invest in a mission: to make sports equipment more user-friendly for tennis enthusiasts and above all, less bulky. Thus, free from body pain or other such stress, they would be able to preserve their health and deploy all their energy during their sports events.

Marie-Josée, naturally concerned with the health of her children, but also with that of other tennis players, began to project the development of a collection of luggage on a larger scale and specifically designed to meet the expectations of seasoned players or fans, as well as young athletes at the beginning of their careers.

Based on the principles of sustainable development, KBMyFreeBag® sports bags are produced from carefully selected materials. The careful analysis of multiple textile samples has enabled the Mumpreneur and designer to meticulously choose durable and impervious fabrics that also meet ISO 140001 standards (Environmental Responsibility Standard), ISO 9001 (Quality Compliance Standard) and SA 8000 (Respect for the Fundamental Rights of Workers).

During the design process of her sports equipment, Marie-Josée performed a meticulous analysis of their ergonomics, to protect tennis players who are often on the move. Thus, the result was a sustainable luggage collection: sustainable durability in ecological terms, however, also in physical terms. Tennis fans will be able to sustainably preserve their health.

Gold Medallist in 2009 @ Geneva International Inventions Fair

2009 was a special year for the International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva, as this event was sponsored by WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) *. Ms. Marie-JosĂ©e Clamy Boccard received the “Entrepreneur of the Year” Award from the Corporate Executives’ Circle (CDE)**. During this edition, she was also awarded the Gold Medal of the Salon for her invention, which was distinguished among the highlights of this annual innovation meeting.

These distinctions highlighted the innovative, useful and value-added nature of the 3 in 1 concept and following an arduous struggle for Marie-Josée, it was named KBMyFreeBag. The creator of the winner of this award continues to invest her efforts.

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